Malison of Far East

 The gramary says to politics the barrier on the Far Eastern ground in old times that there was a region that is. The region is said that the queen uncommonly makes good use of the gramary and it governed the people domestically. The gramary was called, "Ki-do", and kept the country peaceful. These stories can also see the document of ancient China.

 As for the recent Yamato country in country ……, the country where about 100 existed was brought together in about 30. Having appeared as a queen in in this confusion and the country named Yamataikoku was she, and "Himiko. " She was a shrine maiden who served God, and the people were governed hearing the reporting. It is thought, it is "Ki-do" to hear this voice of the god. She sent use to ancient China, and was given the title and the mirror by the emperor. Afterwards, it has the exchange with ancient China. Himiko did not have the child. Man's king starts in the place when postmortem of Himiko. However, the fight happened again, and it fell into confusion.
And, Iyo that is Himiko's lineage becomes a queen.

The controversy that this Yamataikoku was now where doesn't discontinue. Because information other than relying on a document at that time and the part are no squids in Yamataikoku. Moreover, the information has imperfect, and a lot of how to receive it. Therefore, the story of being where is imagined, and doesn't come out from the breath of the theory as long as there is no definite discovery.




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